The whole is more than the sum of its parts
An exquisite meal is above than adding just all of the ingredients. An antique mosaic is not just a combination of unique stones. Along these lines "The whole is more than the sum of its parts" symbolises not only the HWP Group's company philosophy, but also the holistic approach evolving the strong commitment to an interdisciplinary and team oriented organizational structure.

We are only ever as good as our staff and would like new colleagues to fit in well within the company in this respect we wish to express few words ascertaining to the general relevance of HWP as a workplace regardless of the specific requirements of the advertised vacancies. By the way, unsolicited applications are always welcome, including applicants looking for their first job or trainees.

The tasks we face are complex and can only be solved by working as a team. Although excellent skills are important, they are not sufficient by themselves. If you would like to embark on a successful career at HWP, you need to be both willing and able to maintain a dialogue with other professionals beyond the limits of your own special field, working with others towards a specific goal and always giving top priority to customer satisfaction. We anticipate you to be broad and open minded, inquisitiveness a foundation for learning and extending your skills, benefiting not only from the team of HWP Istanbul, but also from the highly-experienced colleagues abroad and the whole international HWP knowledge pool.

In return HWP offers ideal working conditions so you can make full use of your abilities and develop your potential at the company to an optimum effect. This involves interesting tasks, responsibility, scope for personal organisation, opportunities for further training and exciting career prospects, including at an international level. Last but not least, our working atmosphere and environment are the positive source behind our innovation– we want our staff to feel and know they are respected and be highly satisfied.