Young. Ambitious. Turkish.
MissionDriven by a holistic, multidisciplinary approach we create unique, European standard health care facilities, universities and research environments as well as production plants in high-tech industries. Depending on the specific requirements of our customer, we are able to either take charge of all planning aspects and phases of a complex project or provide a single service.
VisionUsing our ambitious, innovative Turkish team base as well as our more than 40 years-experienced, extensive knowledge pool from our German headquarters. It is our vision to contribute to the optimization of life in health care, education and future productivity in Turkey, the Middle East and the Turkmen States.
Multidiciplinary approach, Core competencies, DivisionsFounded in 2008, HWP Istanbul's local staff strengths are actually concentrating on consulting as well as architectural and engineering services commencing with the crucial questions of the project's feasibility. Nevertheless, customers of the HWP Istanbul office extensively benefit from the multidisciplinary HWP group structure and the German-headquartered colleagues in Stuttgart.

Cooperating closely to anticipate and meet the customer requirements HWP Istanbul composes teams deriving from the 4 divisions of the entire HWP Group bundling its core competencies:
  • Architecture and Engineering
  • Project Management
  • Management Consultancy and Operational Planning
  • Medical and Laboratory Engineering
AssignmentsHWP Istanbul focuses on complex projects in public and private sectors within the health sector, the higher education and research sector and high-tech industries such as pharma- and biotechnology and semiconductive industry.
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